public health statement of purpose sample

Public Health Statement of Purpose Sample

What to Write in Public Health Statement of Purpose Sample:public health statement of purpose sample

While writing show your focus and motivation to join the program. Write the statement in such a way that your weakness turns into strength and your dedication is visible to selection committee. Do not hide anything but reveal life experiences positively. In order to be the best one, you can use tips and secrets from the professional writing public health statement of purpose.


“Prevention is better than cure”. When I was engaged in physical therapy department, I used to think for ways to prevent injuries. Though I loved science and helping people but picking public health as my career was always a doubtful question. It’s because the system was lacking variety and I felt my growth will be confined. It was my ambition to help the mass.

For the first time, when I came face to face with public health arena Big U School Health, I was swayed away by their thought process. It was the huge world assimilating capitation, Medication and rationing of care.  When I heard the wide range of issues faced by public health professionals, I found a high scope of exposure and growth. During my all semesters, I developed a thorough understanding of the issues, going through coursework and gaining practical knowledge.

In 2006, I worked at a county health clinic. The project was on increasing treatment compliance rates for adult tuberculosis patients who must complete 6 months of their cure. The program was based on immunization of thousands of people. My work over County health clinic and the experience helped me to get an internship at Washington D.C. There I received deeper knowledge and understanding of public health agency’s operation.

Additionally, I worked in a scientific review panel and edited 80 pages proposed regulation. I have also attended seminars and met many renowned public health leaders. My interest grew continuously particularly in privately managed sectors. As of now, I have focused on all aspects like medicine, outcomes, effectiveness, quality care etc. Once I take care of all of these areas, efficiency and success will never be compromised.

I am sure; the University of AAA will assist me in achieving my objectives. I am willing to accept all the challenges that come on my way with full confidence without deterring from my path. I am sure; selection committee will understand my goals and motives behind the application and will give me a favorable response.

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Act fast because “God helps those who help themselves”.


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