All You Need to Know About Writing a Statement of Purpose in 2019: Excellent Writing Tips and Useful Samples

Why Do You Need the Best Statement of Purpose?

The statement of purpose is just one part of the application package that you will have to provide. However, writing SoP can often be the most important part no matter if you are applying to college or for your doctoral studies. Writing a good statement of purpose is vital as many of the other parts of your application will be very similar to many other applicants. Your statement, therefore, can be the only part of your application through which you can stand out to the admissions committee.

The admissions committee wants to know far more about who you are and how well you will fit into their program than pure grades can tell them. So a well-written SoP with your application package 2019 can often be the deciding factor in your selection. However, writing that perfect SoP is not always that simple. Many students fail to understand its importance and just how hard it can be to write something that will make them stand out.

Many will leave its writing until too late in the admission process 2019-20 not realizing how much time is really needed to provide the committee with an outstanding attention-grabbing statement. Others will fail to answer the 2019 writing prompts or they will simply not write something that is able to get the attention of the committee.

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How to Make Your SoP Stand out from the Hundreds of Others

Knowing how to write a statement of purpose 2019 for your application is vital if you are to have any chance of being selected for a place on the program you are applying to. For most applicants, it will be their first time for writing an SoP so they will be having to learn as they go along. Writing SoP pages, however, does not have to be difficult as long as you start your work early and approach it in the right manner:

  • Start your SoP as early as possible in the process: it can take many months for you to come up with a statement that you will be happy with. So never leave your writing until the last minute.
  • Know the expectations: while many colleges will want you to use the common or coalition application processes you may still need to provide college specific essays and other requirements. Always take care to fully read what they are looking in the way of essays and the 2019 writing prompts before you start.
  • Know what they are looking for in a student: it is all very well writing a wonderful statement, but if you don’t show yourself as someone they will be interested in then your writing is wasted. Always carefully review the program and college information and list out what they look for in a student.
  • Tailor your statement of purpose: once you know what the program is looking for, ensure that you cover it within your statement. The more specific your statement is to the program the more chance you have of being selected.
  • Open with a hook: you must get their attention right from your opening lines. The admission officers may have hundreds of statements to read and many will simply blend into each other. You must be able to make the reader wake up with your intro so that they will pay attention. Often this can be through the use of a well thought out relevant anecdote.
  • Tell a clear story: you need to maintain their interest from start to finish to keep them on the page by telling a story about yourself. Never simply list facts as you would within your resume, also don’t simply repeat that information from your resume.
  • Be personal: they want to learn about you and what makes you tick. It is vital that you give the reader an insight into the person that you are what your dreams and ambitions are for your future with regards to your education and career.
  • Don’t let mistakes slip through: your statement must be error-free if it is to have any chance of getting you selected. You must edit and proofread your writing with great care before you submit your statement of purpose.

statement of purpose for phd sample

What Are the Specifics of SoP Writing?

Writing for college admission compared to writing a statement of purpose for PhD admission is very different. The following are some things that you need to keep in mind for different types of applications:

  • SoP for graduate school: your grad school statement of purpose needs to be a significant step up from what you wrote for college. You need to show that you have a very clear idea of where you will be heading for your research and why as well as showing how you see your future career panning out.
  • MBA SoP writing: writing masters of business administration statement of purpose needs to be done with care. The best programs are highly selective so you will have to not only show that you have the skills required but that you have already worked hard to climb the ladder in your work experience.
  • SoP for doctorate admission: your statement of purpose for PhD admission must clearly show what your future aims are for your research and career. The committee needs to be able to judge if they will be able to support your research so show them clearly where it fits in with what they already do and the people there.
  • Scholarship SoP: writing an SoP for scholarship application needs to be done with care. You must clearly identify what they are looking for so that you can perfectly reflect their expectations within your statement.
  • Internship SoP: you need to show that you are going to be able to add real value to what they are doing. You also need to show that you have a real interest in following a career in the specific field in which you with an intern.

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Ensure You Meet the Requirements of Your Program with Your SoP

When you write your statement of purpose for university you will need to make sure that it shows that you are an excellent choice for their program. This will mean checking their expectations with care and carefully tailoring your statement to those expectations. You also need to ensure that you follow their instructions with great care. Failing to follow the instructions is not going to get you seen in a good light at all. The following are some of the things that you should check before submitting your application:

  • Have you completed all of the essays expected? Often colleges and universities, and even individual departments will have supplements and additional questions and essays that will be required.
  • Is your SoP the right length? If the statement is meant to be a maximum of 550 words do not exceed that limit. This shows you are unable to follow simple instructions as well as putting them under pressure as they have a limited time to review your application.
  • Have you answered their prompts? Do not carry away with writing about yourself and neglect to actually answer the question posed for the essay.
  • Have you correctly formatted the statement? While often you will have to upload the text you still need to make sure that you follow their instructions perfectly.
  • Have you checked your work? Always proofread and check your work with great care prior to submission.

Make writing a good statement of purpose easy by following the up to date and effective advice that we provide for your application.