best statement of purpose biology sample

Best Statement of Purpose Biology Sample

What Statement of Purpose Sample Biology Should Focus On?

best statement of purpose biology sample

Honesty in describing an individual’s history is foremost aspect of SOP Biology sample. Be logical and focussed while describing every minute details of the sample. Language should be simple and SOP for biotechnology should sound interesting. It should be written in a sequential way.


I was deeply fascinated by the natural world right from my birth and my interest grew deeper and deeper over time. I loved spending time watching the growth of wild and domesticated animals and plants and this brought me closer to Biology and evolution.

From high school to graduation, Biology was always my subject. My father was a scientist and thereby I got an opportunity to come closer to nature. While assisting him with breeds of prey, I came to know many tit-bits of breeding of endangered species. My evolutionary thinking expanded and I came to know about various types of species. Earlier I thought that it was merely an interest, but slowly I realized I am born only for to serve nature.

While I was continuing my under graduation course, I joined an English speaking course. Today, I am member of “The Natural History Museum in London and pursuing a course on “The Evolution of Animals” which is organized by XXX College. The course inculcated a magnetic interest to attend its classes every Thursday. I travelled 100 kilometers to attend that course every Thursday.  Today, I know that my curiosity is not ending in fact it is increasing day by day after being associated with it. I am keener to know further and further.

I know that my previous academic qualification, my experience and exposure in this area has forced me to take an entry in second year of my undergraduate program in United Kingdom. It’s my heartiest desire to join the post graduate program after completing my Under-graduation and carry on my research.

Apart from that my other interests are Paleoanthropology and Development of Science. My personal hobbies are trekking and driving.

Being a non-native scholar, I am prepared to work harder and harder. With my open minded disposition, curiosity and the dedication towards this stream, I am looking forward to share Biology ideas with others. I hope my application for carrying research will be offered due attention and will be considered favorably.

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