philosophy statement of purpose sample

Philosophy Statement of Purpose Sample

What Selection Committee Looks in Your Philosophy Statement of Purpose Sample?

philosophy statement of purpose sample

Your sample should be an effective piece of writing that compels the selection committee to pick you from the crowd. It does not matter even if you have an uneven academic record, but your fair of writing should be such that it highlights your positives without changing your reality.

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Moral education always compelled me to go through the content for hours without knowing about the time and hence I took this subject in my Undergraduate course. My interest widened while dealing with issues like metaethics, fabricating moral theories and dealing with normatively. To have an upper hand on the subject, I joined many related courses on varied topics.

While writing my honors thesis, I focussed on T.M. Sacnlon’s Contractulait ethics and the subjects related with obligation and retributivism. In future research, I will be dealing with the subject- how to value persons. I will be participating with Professor X in my graduate seminar.

My secondary interest lies in logical studies and little bit of Philosophy of Mathematics. Basically, I am interested in studying the blend of both-logic and non-classical logics. It would be studying amalgamation and differentiation of both the disciplines of normatively. Currently, I am involved in a graduate seminar supported by Professor XXX. My coming semester will be on non-classical logics and its paradoxes with a modal logic.

My final area of interest is ancient Philosophy especially Plato. Side by side I am studying Attic Greek too. The subject engrosses me and has offered me an insight to go deeper having a competitive edge on ancient philosophy.

My classroom experiences have boosted my experiences impeccably. Additionally my interest for the subject was fostered via “The Twin Cities Philosophy Club” at the University Of Minnesota. I am working over there arranging the meetings. Managing the guest’s presentations of students and the professors is an added advantage for me. I have presented myself on several topics too like Carroll’s Paradox of Achilles and the Tortoie, Wittgensteinian Philosophy etc. These subjects allowed me to practice philosophy not only as a subject but in practical terms too.

I hope my application will be given consideration for pursuing my research further with a favorable thought.

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