college statement of purpose sample

College Statement of Purpose Sample

What college looks in college statement of purpose sample?

college statement of purpose sample

The college looks for individuals who are confident, enthusiastic and makes the working place a stimulating atmosphere to work with in terms of educational activities. Be on Admission Officer’s shoes, and think how come you can prove yourself an eligible candidate for the same. You can find useful information and tips on statement of purpose for internship which can bring you benefit.

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I am 17 years old- a high school senior who is taught the lessons of hard work and honesty from her parents.  My upbringing has fostered healthy learning in addition to personal growth. I have always been an active student who loved to learn more in classes than at home.

At middle school I had been part of soccer team and I am proud to say that my team came out with flying colors. The lessons of Soccer had inculcated great values of teamwork and cooperation. I had also been part of soccer team at Knightstown High School. The commitment in studying medicine was fostered when my best friend got injured while playing and could not continue to finals. The moment offered a life changing experience and my focus increased day by day. Her tears rolling down the cheeks still remind me of the incidence when she was disheartened completely and wanted to finish the soccer at any cost. The thought of faster recovery was nurtured in my mind that very day and it became a motivating factor for me to pursue this course. This gut wrenching real life experience was my turning point.

If University considers my name for pursuing study in medicine, my motive will be to follow several things. Studying Sports studies will be my priority. Secondly I will focus on 4.0 GPA that I pursued during schooling. Being part of Women’s soccer team will also be part of the program as my love for sports cannot be denied. I would also love to open a clinic helping boys and girls to recover from sports injuries  If I could do something for  quick recovery in sports field , I feel my dreams would be fulfilled. It’s my dream to be part of this University assisting broken bodies recover as soon as possible.

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