best sample statement of purpose accounting

Best Sample Statement of Purpose Accounting

What Statement of Purpose Sample for Accounting Should Include?

  best sample statement of purpose accounting  sop accounting sample

Ensure that the areas of your interest match with the interest of the faculty members. The sop sample should describe your direct experience with the field of study. Remember even if you do not have any formal experience, your field experience will be counted. You can use sop for business analytics which can bring you benefit in it. Focus on the standard practice but not solely on the topic of research.

The MBA statement of purpose for accounting is a special thing that demands a proper approach. For this kind of writing, you need to adjust your personal story to the certain standards. First, you need to feature your achievements and strongest features in the most appealing way and the second, you have to focus more on the experience as the candidate with the more practice-oriented business school.


 I completely understand the importance of accounting and its relevance in modern world. I am interested in upgrading my expertise in other related subjects in addition to developing my professional potentials. This is the reason I have chosen Accounting as a subject of research.

I belong to the country (XXX) in Asia. My trade economy business focuses on export markets in North America. I too want to hone my skills by studying abroad learning under the expert’s guidance of renowned professionals. To broaden my skills on international scale, I will develop my communication skills, learn other languages and will refine my expertise on accounting.

Being the product of National Good University, I studied Math in my graduation which is foundation of major academic and professional spheres. Additionally, I have also gained extensive training in Computer Science, Science and Social Sciences in addition to Management and Economics in University. My growing interest in Business world boosted my performance after being in the University for 4 years. Thereby I realized that my pursuit of post graduation in USA is the most logical step I have taken.

Apart from my academics I have been an active member in campus activities too. My association with several organizations especially Mathematics Department is most memorable experience that I accrue.  Organizing activities for end to end parties and planning events boosted my personality impeccably. I can easily deal with contingencies, coordination and challenging issues. It is a rewarding experience that has developed my leader ship skills.

Now, I am looking forward for international exposure and want to deal with globalization, international and multi-cultural management issues meeting and interacting with people of diverse backgrounds. I am a good listener too and learn from the experiences of others. I want to be part of your university because it is ideal places for business based education.

I hope my application would be given a thoughtful consideration based on the descriptions I have provided.

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