statement of purpose psychology sample

Statement of Purpose Psychology Sample

The Key Contents of Statement of Purpose Examples Psychology

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Mention in a psychology statement of purpose all your positive aspects in terms of your qualifications, experiences and your inquisitiveness that motivates you to learn more and more while implementing it in your future work. Your sample should be witty, exciting and overall spectacular to catch the attention among the huge crowd of applicants. There are valuable services on the market that can help with internship statement of purpose writing.


The statement of Thomas Edison is highly inspiring which says-“I have not failed. I have found 1,000 ways that won’t work”. This is an optimistic approach that motivates you to progress your work even if your efforts are not showing their outputs. Music, Law and Psychology has always been my passion. My interest enriched when I taught in primary school and worked in holiday clubs. I took psychology during my second year to broaden my knowledge. That day, I realized that choosing Psychology is an absolutely right choice for me.

At AS 2nd level I came to know how psychology and socializing deeply affects human’s health, life and work. While studying it as the subject, I kept a watch on all the developments going around me especially child’s psychology. I also went through many publications that demystified me. Psychologist’s experiments and updated researches with the help of taking exams and internet broadened my subject knowledge more.

My work experience of reception at Kingsley Primary School offered me enough exposure that rewarded me with valuable organization, interpersonal communication, patience, creativity and handling issues. Currently, I am working in a super market where I deal with people of varied types.

I also worked as a member of school committee and multi-cultural committee at a college while coordinating meetings going up with renowned people. I had to invite people for music, dance and drama at the large scale. Being part of music committee, I coordinated with junior orchestra group too. I have also participated in number of orchestra concerts and joint concerts. These roles have brought a miraculous improvement in my personality. Not only, I leant team work but also possessed skills of handling responsibilities in a well organized way.

When I am not in my college, I love to ride bicycle. I am part of a youth group that is engaged in varied types of activities throughout the year like campus weekends and bowling.

I think, I am a social animal and my interest in this subject will improve day by day. I hope that the selection committee will offer a favorable consideration to my application in its university.

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