statement of purpose study abroad sample

Statement of Purpose Study Abroad Sample

Tips for Writing Statement of Purpose Study Abroad:

Study abroad statement of purpose sample         statement of purpose study abroad sample

Grab the reader’s attention by exercising caution. Be provocative and write well packed sentences. Add significant content avoiding any nonsense. To avoid it you can use statement of purpose for study abroad and can have the best result. Make your beginning highly interesting so that the selection committee is interested in reading your statement of purpose further.


I am from XXX country and want to pursue MA in marketing from Durham University. It’s because I seriously feel that the international exposure will offer me growth in competitive world. By getting admission over there, I would learn varying shades of analyzing and strategizing in global firms.

Apart from this, the excellent faculty of Durham University will consecrate me with best opportunities in best companies. I would hardly get such friendly atmosphere and world class amenities anywhere else. I can learn a lot in terms of languages experiences, cultures and their perspective which will shape up my persona and behavioral patterns.

Right from my birth I was a very my inquisitive child and my inquisitiveness ranked me on the first position in 10th and 12th during my DAV Schooling career. My Computer Science Engineering degree was from Jaypee University of Information Technology in India. I hold 7.9 on 10pt scale in CGPA with 2 international publications in different fields.   Additionally to academics, I volunteered in extracurricular activities during college and won accolades. I won 3rd prize in marathon, 1st prize in IEEE documentary film making and 2nd prize in picturesque marketing.

After graduation, I worked with Accenture Services Private Limited, India on customer relationship management software. I developed good communication skills and domain knowledge while holding new job responsibilities efficiently.

My engineering degree enhanced my quantitative and analytical skills developing efficiency and knowledge for various principles and logics behind the things going around. Being a computer engineer, I have also learnt strategizing, conceptualizing and analyzing things on software and technologies. I strongly feel that The University of Durham will empower me with the basic principles, necessary skills and knowledge assisting me in attaining my goals.

I genuinely believe that my profile meets all the requirements that the admission committee is looking for and they will consider my application for the same.

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