statement of purpose sample economics

Statement of Purpose Sample Economics

What Economics Statement of Purpose Sample Should Include?

statement of purpose sample economics

An overall GPA of 3.5 is a prerequisite. If you are a product of good institute, mention it on top. Reveal your research work in private or public research institutes to get highlighted. Relate your experiences with your future aspirations while seeking admission in the desired University in your economics statement of purpose.


When I came face to face with Economics, I found interpreting and analysis as its most interesting area of self expression. The clear-cut rules and the principles along with axioms intrigued me deeply and I was motivated to opt it as my primary subject.

During my Master’s program, I focused on immense practice employing varied tools. My training in mathematics, game theory and econometrics proved to be very fruitful. Once I completed that, I became part of National Institute of Public Finance and Policy and learnt simplified models that could tackle real life problems in an immaculate way.

The major area that fascinates me is International Economics. I aspire to explore into Game Theoretic model as it is an effective tool for dealing with policy issues like negotiations, tariff reduction, formation and prevention of custom unions in case of trading goods at international level.

I also plan to equip myself with analytical, research and other advanced tools during graduation, getting a better hand on econometrics. I foresee to emerge as a high-end professional in model building. I have secured National Eligibility test with good percentage through UGC and hence I am eligible for teaching Economics in any Indian University for undergraduate courses.

Now I wanted to carry an independent research and analysis. For the same reason I am interested in joining the Ph. D program in your University. I have described every relevant details of mine that could justify myself for the admission. I am looking for a favorable consideration for my application.

Your University will bequeath me with a competitive environment while enhancing my skills to the highest extent. Additionally, I also feel that the support provided by your faculty will endow me with a remarkable growth adding valuable skills. I look forward for a favorable response in respect of getting admission in your university for research program.

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